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i'm more than just a pair of legs, okay?

i have an insatiable travel bug. i rode a motorcycle to south america when i was 23. i've ridden thousands of miles around europe on a bike that i've only recently admitted is entirely too small for me. i've visited all seven continents.

but, to be fair...

running has been my ticket.

i started running when i was in middle school. i joined the cross-country team in high school after a friend informed me that it was co-ed. my college running career was essentially non-existent as i was never able to run a time that would secure a spot on the team.

things change. people get smarter and following a third missed attempt i abandoned my watch and stopped counting my miles. i adopted a running philosophy based on intuition and self awareness. a few months later, at the age of 25, i won my first race.

running has since taken me from the rockies to the alps. up the empire state building and down half dome. from as far north as the fjords of norway to the mirrored globe marking the south pole.

both the salomon running team and us mountain running team have helped fulfill many of my dreams.

*fkt denotes "fastest known time." please inform me if an inaccuracy has been found.


  • Winner, Course Record, Canadian Death Race, Alberta, Canada (2011)
  • Five time member of the US Mountain Running Team (2006-10)
  • Two time winner of the Mount Washington Road Race (2009,11)
  • US Trail Running Champion (2008)
  • USATF Mountain Runner of the Year (2008)
  • US Mountain Running Champion (2008)

Records / FKTs

  • 7/7/12 - Outer Local Games - Snow King up and down. 37:24
  • 7/3/12 - Mount Shasta Ascent, CA. 1:38:10
  • 7/30/11 - Canadian Death Race. Grand Cache, Alberta. 12:15:54
  • 2/16/11 - Observation Hill. McMurdo, Antarctica. 6:06
  • 1/16/11 - South Pole Marathon. South Pole, Antarctica. 4:02:15
  • 12/25/10 - Race Around the World. South Pole, Antarctica. 13:32
  • 8/24/10 - Ajax (Plaza to Ski Patrol). Aspen, CO. 39:56
  • 6/28/10 - Up and Down Half Dome, Yosemite, CA. 2:28:18 Broken - Kyle Williams - 2:23:51
  • 3/13/10 - America's Uphill. Aspen, CO. 40:27
  • 5/28/09 - Green Mountain. Boulder, CO. 28:38
  • 2/22/09 - Republic Building. Denver, CO. 5:50
  • 2/21/09 - Vail Mountain Winter Uphill. Vail, CO. 30:49
  • 2/25/07 - Register Building. Denver, CO. 5:23